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Hello all the watchers, something good is happens, I quit my job to find a better one. Cause the problems with my health. I still not 100 % free of pain in the neck, but I´m working on it :)
I see it as a new chance to make something for the things that I like and to spend more time with them. I love it to work as the electrician, maybe I will do a new qualification for my work that makes me not work in the production, but in the office & to a part in the production (not all the time).
Since end of February I´m at home and learned much about photography that brings me on a new level and I found many places which I have to visit soon :)
I thought about a new camera to, but I couldn´t decide which one earlier, but know I know I need a mirrowless one. I stopped in the moment on a Sony A7 II. Soon or maybe not...

Enough about me, whats new in your life?

a little feature:

Special effects by paschlewwer waiting by Nimbue Go Back by reflektenlight
sign of blue by ColorfulLadybugWinnemucca Station by Gwangelinhael
The end of summer by instantkiwi late autumn song by eemotional
Gdy plonie milosc by Arte22 pride by SageFillyLunaleaking light by ltiana355
Im Garten by feigenfruchtJosi by connygrinsUebrig by feigenfrucht
Sunset Panorama by MartinAmmWaiting for the sun to come up by Aroco
A Winter evening at the beach by ArocoThe bottom of Bridal Veil Falls by Aroco
Anna-Sophie by greenironystorm by kaleidoscopicx
Gemma by Dave-KellinoLake Glory by MrGlory
Beyond repair by Kurraudea
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Sorry for not uploading new pictures, I can´t take pictures at the time, but I tried a little yesterday(coming soon). I have pain of the sendoms in the Arms, so I can´t even hold a camera for a long time. I´m at home now more than a month, this is boooring... I hope its going well until summer vacation this year, then I want to swim in Croatia and make many pictures as possible :D

the latest favourites:

sAVAR by ivancoric Ribeira da Janela by mARTinimal Blood red lips by Kurraudea
Windmills by lmsgblh Seeing Purple All Around by darkmatter257 .. by Rizone
Never Stop flying by PatiMakowska messy by Yohelet And Where Are You Now by Thinking-Silence
Lavardens, France by MotherOfOwls Interlude III by hannes-flo The Vestrahorn in the snow by LinsenSchuss
s p r i n g   is it you? by ColorfulLadybug SonnenBerg by feigenfrucht Memories Like Mountains by SvenMueller
Unknown Germany pt. CCLXII by TheChosenPesssimist Self portrait by pin100 Reflective Symmetr by Betuwefotograaf
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a little feature of my favs.

Morning Light by hannes-flo Lips of an angel by Bomb-Creator Saison hivernale by Euphoria59
Under sweetness by Meljona Precious Things by Meljona Another Morning by Meljona
Wald #100 by HeikoGerlicher Sunset Beach by SvenMueller Dying Day by RicksCafe
bw by Yohelet *** by Nodvikoff Flooded by Malleni-Art
Desert Ship by almiller Derp by Ghostcorner absinthia taetra by locoland
23 by skaistt 93 by skaistt winterscenery by augenweide
22.2 the places we go (part I) by cloe-patra 767 (by my friend) by njus05 Graceful Lady by oranahs
766 (by my friend) by njus05 Washed by Glenn-Crouch Scars III by x-shook-x
Old Oak in Lower Odra Valley Landscape Park by Sesjusz The endless Black Sand Beach by LinsenSchuss Winter landscape. Snowfall in the forest. Russia by Black-Bl00d
Morning waves by xrust Ein Auge by feigenfrucht Fast oben by feigenfrucht
Der Blick nach Oben by feigenfrucht warm progress by locoland
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Sorry its too late Christian, but I just thought I should do this :D
He gave me the Membership once, I year ago or something, I decided to feature his works too.

never met a man .... by chriseastmids
A Pharaoh's Dream by chriseastmids
Toxygene by chriseastmids
another voyage by chriseastmids
it seems like ive been here before by chriseastmids
the wings of desire I've still so much to do by chriseastmids
dans le sommeil pour creer une flamme by chriseastmids
with every clamore they mine by chriseastmids
false flags by chriseastmids
beautiful morning embers by chriseastmids
celebration day fields of dreams for my friends by chriseastmids
it came from above by chriseastmids
she blinded me with science by chriseastmidsmi koso yasukere by chriseastmids
Il mattino ci colse abbracciati, lo sai che ti amo by chriseastmids
Swan song by chriseastmids
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Today I logged in here & saw I´m a Core Member now^^
big thanks to Sarah :iconcolorfulladybug: :hug:
She gave me the membership, so I  just want to feature her beautiful works in my journal.
Here are my favourites:

W I N T E R by ColorfulLadybug
Hippie life by ColorfulLadybug
t r e e by ColorfulLadybug
in the morning. by ColorfulLadybug
decide. by ColorfulLadybug
F A L L by ColorfulLadybug
throwback by ColorfulLadybug
Winter Wonderland by ColorfulLadybug
Happy Easter by ColorfulLadybug
Keep your eyes open by ColorfulLadybug
squirrel by ColorfulLadybug
third advent. by ColorfulLadybug
color patch in winter by ColorfulLadybug
Stay positiv by ColorfulLadybug
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The Fall is here, so I cannot wait to catch all the colours in the pictures and show them here.
I´ve plannet a little tour to the at the Baltic see at the next weekend, to Fehmarn to be exactly. Now I see the weather forecast and its better to make this weekend. I hope it can folds^^ Near my the house of my friends is the big forest, pictures will follow of it in the autumn soon (:
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Women's day sunset by NorbertKocsisSarah II by connygrinsRoad to Whistler by dashakern
in the morning. by ColorfulLadybugwalkway middle of trees 2 by Takiako-NakashiYo by palabra-desierta
Morning Glory.......... by Betuwefotograafanother dimension. by jotkenyreturn to form by locoland
ROSE by KrisseyLoojangutorn by kksolen
Falling Away by JustinDeRosaLila 998 Boudoir by cubicmicronI found you by augenweide
at the end of November VI by Rona-KellerWinter in Norway by GehoersturzLonely roads by Raining-Insanity
Let Me Follow by SvenMuellerArrival of Spring by ZuzuTurkovaUntitled by Kandle1
Mein Rostock by GehoersturzWatermelon! by seek-and-hideSelf Portrait by lina-constantine
D757 by miobi
Frosty morning on lake by valiunicUnder The Leaves by MarcoHeislerSummer Evenings by Meljona
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the first month of the year is over, it means its time for a fearture :D

Here We Go by Thinking-SilenceBecause of Words by MeljonaSunrise at the field by roisabborrar
Longo Camino of Desaprendizaxe by augenweidebe like a flower in the desert by palabra-desierta
Like the Sun by YuukonCara Delevingne by VanessaWeuffel
Forest 15 by Janine-Autumnbright devils by locolandWynter Dusk by veeegeee
1-13   by NastyaVicodinNorway pt. XXIII by GehoersturzD747 by miobi
Rey - Star Wars #3 by GuppatheHuttAnalog Chloe Vnb by leingadDragon's breath by Floreina-Photography
lullaby by greenironyWald #68 by HeikoGerlicher
459 by EirikHavre
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Feature, the last one for the long time I think^^
The Forgotten by SaraLinnLight through the trees by valiunicKiss the sun by Isa-Wyrd
Wald #68 by HeikoGerlicherUn Sospiro by dashakernAnastasia Lukyanenko 112015 1 by NastyaVicodin
winter sunset by inocent
The sinner is You by SaraLinnLeaving In Solitude by MarcoHeisler
31952 by jodeviantScandinavian winter 5 by Floreina-PhotographyJul II by kuzminphoto
Sleepwalking by Janine-AutumnAdventurers by Nelleke
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I don´t like the weather here at this winter, everthing is grey and brown. I hope the white winter is coming soon.

A little watchers feature (:

Picnic? by ToxiccPandaBlack Coat by DudeorWhatThe beautiful Mountain 2 by SteffenHa
Gold Blue Sunset by JIPICSycamore Gap by newcastlemaleFor Daydreamers by Catherine-Di
Impossible Girl by MeljonaOne of the days by MeljonaBeautiful San Francisco by SteffenHa
Lenka 4 :) by Lucie-Lillyi can't remember sunlight by RickHaigh
Shining beauty by Lucie-LillyBelow by SkylerBrownM. Portrait by Lavemerfaces of ghosts by Vacantia
In the eveningsun by chevyhaxpiano hands by imedavalonWhispers of autumn 2 by ilvahaust
Self-portrait 19 by njus05Fairytale by PepperLadySunlit by SkylerBrown
... by ilvahaustin the bleak midwinter by RickHaighIn the Morning Mist by seek-and-hide
Through the Wings. by seek-and-hideUntitled by wendymoonThe chapel in the fog by Malleni-Art
Nature's Heart by Identifyed-KhaosDark by winterwolffranThe Proxy Manifesto by 11thDimensionPhoto
Attaining Greatness by Identifyed-KhaosWinter's evening by SusanneBlassThinking by hotchocolatesauce
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just favourites and great pictures :D

advent star by augenweideSombre by DudeorWhatPeasouper by freMDart
firelight and nightfall by locolandSparkling Eyes by MayEbonyAutumn Gold by JustinDeRosaDate me by FineArtsPhotos
Sina by iDieHello, from the other side by dashakernautumnal summer by ColorfulLadybug
Broken Light by Nellekebw self portrait. by icarolajn
Herbstwald by WeissglutSelf-portrait 37 by njus05enchanted forest by Janine-Autumn
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Hi there, I know its been a while since my last journal^^ At the time the summer is nearly gone and the autumn is coming soon, I didnt been very motivated to do pictures, hope it gets better in the next time when a leafs becomes yellow and the sun is not that high.

A great sunday to everyone, here is a little feature

0 6 2 by LizaStolzAll Stories Must End Sometime by augenweidecomfy by MadelinePL2013, Mikkelsen, VW, Santana Serra, Rally Portugal by F1PAMfaces in the rain by locoland
be a legend ( stock ) by SeedDestinyOver the Rainbow by SnapperRod

Ein Abend am See by FeliDae84
Laura by aufzehengehenunder the weather by locoland
Be different by Simon120188he said he wants back to the ocean by SchlafundAtemlos
Light up the Landscape by SnapperRodGlory IV. by realityDream
Hungarian skies pt.CLXXIII. by realityDreamCath by ForlornTreasures
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its been a long time since a last feature^^

<da:thumb id="439459014"/>Hungarian skies pt.CLXIV. by realityDream Daily life at Model School by swissmisses R e a l i z a t i o n by Identifyed-Khaos Katrin by aufzehengehen Wonderful Autumn Luck by redwolf518 Memories by Itaminosekai Unknown Germany pt. LII by TheChosenPesssimist undone by locoland
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I hope to find more time for photography, then I have the next weeks free(cause nothing to do at work) and I hope to take pictures of snow and more^^ So I have time for doing my own music, I´ve wrote enough lyrics & melodies and now I have to make it into songs(:

A little feature
A Road Through The Winter II by iilva
Last Ones by ildiko-neer
Silent Dusk by SMILEY1997
Give me a Title......... by Betuwefotograaf

Drive by StudioLoftMedia
Under The Green by Thinking-Silence
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in the last time I spend a lot time to make my own music and write songs. I have not the best voice to performing songs but I learn and try make my music like the one of the National and Bosse.

the summer starts for me with Rock im Park festival and it will be for sure awesome (: and two festival are sure will follow too, Serengeti und Reload (:

three weeks later I´ll go to Croatia with my family, our last trip was in 2006^^ I hope to make many good pictures and see all the great land and waterscapes there.

if you want, add me on facebook…

Love Song by la-child Shining by Haste-Malaise Five Finger Death Punch II by damienjamesofarrell:thumb162334241: Metallica I by HenriKack:thumb19510832: The National 2 by deepkitsch
:thumb194316388: The National by p0m The Guitarist by adamlack Katie Melua by charlona madsen. by visual-sick The National by deepkitsch the crowd II by PatrickWally Redemption in the Sound by feelingsgood Golden Girl - All That Remains by MonumentalPossession Shadows Fall I by chaosmo
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its been a while since my last journal^^
Sunflowers Of Golden Hour by kkart temple of the wind by chriseastmids:thumb277446831: Cloud In The Sunrise 1_1 by ximocampo Ghosts of the sun VIII. by realityDream A1. by Levine-photography Norah Jones by VanessaWeuffel:thumb152064562: Today I am just a Dreamer by Oer-Wout Solitary by realityDream Free Ravenhearts by Lisa-Schneider Biking Girl by Val-Mont Misty Lake by Sharlovski before and after by elle-cannelle:thumb265682136: Gorge Sky by civilpython trees by eugene-kukulka She Means The World To Me by loversloveliarsliexo Go by Sunnystorm Juli_5323 by klauskraiger:thumb271848710: Shelter III by surrealistycznie:thumb269173372:
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after all the holidays the normal days will stating tomorrow, for me. It means learn for the practical exam less than in three weeks. With the right mix of music it feels just better (:

happy new year by the way :w00t:

One Last Dress by Thinking-Silence
Grow up and blow away. by xTheRockShow
Wont Go Quietly by feelingsgood
On steps of autumn by inDeevid
Lambs in the sky by Karolynn
wednesday morning by augenweide
Golden Road by LorenMcFarlane
Meeting My Soul by Thinking-Silence
oak alley by augenweide
Waiting for the Hurricane by Lisa-Schneider
A Road through The Winter by iilva
Zweige by feelingsgood
Optimism by Laudanum999
Snow by signmeupscotty

Once. by AwakenendByDreams
sunset and trees by ribonread127
_1 by ausgetraeumt
Obersee by SvenMueller
NN1031 by armagedonnn
Believe me, Natalie by thebakesale
Leaf Lane 07 by feelingsgood
The Alley by halb-leben
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thanks to someone who bought my print :D… its would be nice to know who bought it ;) its a first step to get a premium membership again :D (its only 4,10€... ^^)

at the moment I have so much to do with a education & no time for photography

its a little bit to early, but have a great holidays ;)
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at the moment I just get bored of mine pictures and have no motivation to do new pictures. does somebody know what I should improve?

Thanks everyone for the support (:

A little feature:

evening calm by augenweide Sei.Jawi by tegegasal
analog blue by sumahli Hell is commin by palokalo
open summer fields - 2 by Springstein:thumb173833954:
Koala by game-breaker
auf dem Weg pt. VIII by Gehoersturz It was hard to tell you this. by xTheRockShow
day fifty by Rona-Keller 2012 by tomsumartin
sverige XXXIII by yellowNOT:thumb175187844: